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Delightful Planning: A Unit Study Planner for Every Homeschool gives you simple tools and methods of observation you can use to just let loose and allow the interests and passions of your children dictate what they learn

Delightful Planning  is designed to assist you  with creating interest-led unit studies no matter what homeschool method you prefer.  You can continue with your usual curriculum while allowing delightful learning to permeate your homeschool daily, weekly, or during particular holidays and seasons — whatever works best for your family!

Delightful Planning is flexible, containing the tools you need to make planning unit studies simple and effective, with our step-by-step instructions, tips for incorporating rabbit trails, field trips, and fun school jar ideas, plus 20 useful (not to mention beautiful) planning and resource pages. Delightful Planning is truly the unit study planner for EVERY homeschool!


What People Are Saying About Delightful Planning

Delightful Planning is absolutely…delightful! I’ve always been a unit study momma because you can pack so much educational punch into a relatively short amount of time. Now that my older two are in high school, the unit studies with my youngest (3rd grade) are much more delight-directed. Not only have I learned to relax, but I’ve seen the huge difference in his enthusiasm and willingness to dive deep into learning when we take time for his interests. Marcy’s Delightful Planning is a wonderful guide full of encouragement and explanations of teaching methods that work well with delight-directed learning. Of course, you also get wonderful printables which help you plan and document your students’ learning. It’s a great resource! — Cindy West, Author/Speaker, Shining Dawn Books

“Step-by-step, Marcy Crabtree helps you break through real and imaginary barriers so you can engage your family in delight-directed learning. She shows why the unit study method is so effective—and how to cultivate your students’ interest and create memories that will enable them to retain what they learn for years to come!” – Stacy Farrell, Author/Speaker, Home School Adventure Co.

“If you’re like me, you hope your children will find a true delight in learning. In Marcy Crabtree’s new eBook, Delightful Planning: A Unity Study Planner for Every Homeschool, you’ll find thought-provoking suggestions for making learning more delightful for your children. Just reading through some of the author’s ideas about helping a child love learning made me happy inside: it’s how we homeschool. Rabbit trails…she talks about these, too! Is she in my home watching us? Marcy is describing Paul and me with our children! I love homeschooling this way because it throws away the mundane and introduces the spontaneous, allows for lots of conversations and the TIME needed to explore new ideas. Give your children (and yourself!) permission to “do school differently!” Yes, it can and should be fun. THAT is how learning sticks!You’ll also find helpful tips on creating unit studies and fun concepts for learning like field trips or the “school jar” methods. In addition to all the helpful tips, Marcy includes useful forms to guide you as you design unit studies, calendars, project planners, learning journals, and more. If you want to try delight-directed learning or just mix up the routine of teaching and discovery at your house, Marcy’s eBook is a practical guide you’ll refer to again and again. Written by an experience mom who knows how homeschooling works, you will feel like a sister has just come alongside you on this wonderful journey of homeschooling — with delight in mind! Get it and soak it all up; it’s gonna make you smile, too.”  – Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Delightful Planning was exactly what I needed to begin our child led homeschooling journey. I needed encouragement and inspiration for myself for this big change and Marcy’s words were a blessing to my heart. If you’re considering allowing your children to lead their own homeschool journey, but aren’t sure how to get started, I highly recommend reading this book! -Misty Leask, Year Round Homeschooling

This week my reluctant learner suddenly became passionate about ninjas and began telling a ninja story to his siblings. Because of the encouragement I found in Delightful Planning, I was able forget our lesson plans and quickly provide him with the material he needed to study ninjas as part of school. Using the chapter Five Steps to Planning A Unit Study and the planning pages in the back made it easy for me to pull something together that met our learning goals while at the same time feeding his passion. -Amy Blevins, Homeschool Encouragement


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