You Can Do It Too! Digital Download


Not sure you could homeschool?
This book is for you!

Afraid you don’t have the education or patience?
This book is for you!

Curious about what it looks like day-to-day?
This book is for you!

Overwhelmed by homeschool options?
This book is for you!

You Can Do It Too! is a series of interviews with 25 homeschool families (include Marcy’s!) answering questions of ‘Why do you homeschool?’ ‘What does it look like?’ ‘How do you find what to teach? ‘What do your kids think?’ and much more.

Our goal is to share with you the how’s and why’s – the successes and failures. This book isn’t a book comparing homeschool, public school, private school or other education options. We are not going to tell you what is best for you or your kids because we don’t know you or your options. The goal of this book is to let you see the nuts and bolts of what homeschool is and make sure you know it is an option for you.


Wondering What to Expect from You Can Do It Too?

You Can Do It Too! takes you on a journey with 25 homeschool families, who are sharing real-life stories of how homeschooling works for them. You’ll read through interviews with each family to discover which homeschooling options might work for your family. You’ll discover the nuts and bolts of what a day of homeschooling looks like, finding encouragement along the way. 

You Can Do It Too! 25 Homeschool Families Share Their Stories  (PDF 253 pages)